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Jolly Harbor Soap Market

Our journey in Artisan Soap-making began in 2011 with a hands on class. We are excited to craft Bathing Soaps that are gentle, chemical free, and uplift the spirits with high quality scents. We use only skin safe ingredients, such as essential oils, natural colorants and oils carefully chosen to enhance the lather and feel to the skin. When fragrances are used, we only use sufate/phthalate free scents. Skin safe Micas are also used. You will ALWAYS find an understandable list on ingredients on all of your products!!! We hope you come along with us as we bring the best ingredients and scents from around the world to our handcrafted Bath and Body products. Join us as we handcraft skin nurturing Soaps and Bath products for your whole family. You will discover unique bath accessories for your home as well. Get on board for our adventures, as we 'visit' different lands by creating country and destination based themes to bring these places to your own bath! ~ Thank you!

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Specific Blends

We have a variety of custom essential oil blends we make to help promote well-being. We use therapeutic grade oils in our blends to ensure your safety. We carry inhalers, roll-ons, samples for diffusing, body butter. If you are in need of a diffuser, we have you covered! Call us or stop by our office.

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